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Largest Known Prime Numbers
What is Pi?
Tom Getty's Polyhedral Solids
Eric Weeks' Odds and Ends
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Local Links

Notes on Units
Factorial Prime Numbers
Super Factorial Prime Numbers
Repunit Prime Numbers
Fun with Numbers
Notes on Basic Operations
Cubeman's Notes on Sequences & Series
Cubeman's Notes on Geometry
Cubeman's X11 Curves
Polar Flowers
Experiments with Curves
Cubeman's Notes on Platonic Solids
Cubeman's Notes on Archimedean Solids
Experiments with Minkowski Sum
Wireframe with Perspective
Volume of Platonic Solids
The Bit Character from Tron by Digital Effects
Ways to Draw a Sphere
Cubeman's Notes on PI
Cubeman's Notes on Trigonometry

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