Cubeman's Linux Notes

First read the GPL
GNU General Public License

Read about the FOSS Matrix

Ancient Unix archive and classic computing files

Unix v5 Augmented Aug 30th 2016

Linux Audio Shows
Linux software available here

Fedora Project

Linux Devices

SANE Project

Accumulated Linux Notes

Accumulated Basic Linux 3 Notes

Accumulated FreeBSD Notes

Notes on Epson devices concerning Linux

Notes on HP devices concerning Linux

Useful Applications

Vi Notes

XF86Config on FC1 (RIVA TNT2)
xorg.conf on Vector (Radeon 9550)
xorg.conf on OpenBSD (vesa)

Mailing list for kde-linux

The Art of Unix Programming

Linux Hardware

Gray-Hoverman Antenna

Linux Computer Store

How Linux Friendly is Your WebTV?

"Open Source is an inevitable rising tide and there's nothing that's going to stop it. Open Source is the only way to get back to basics where you serve your customers, fix the bugs and don't punish them with compulsory updates".

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