Cube Software

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Pictures of various Rubik's Cube Programs

David Bagley's Cube Programs (Xwindows & Win)

Mete Ciragan's Cube Software (DOS)

Tom Davis' Rubik's Cube Simulator (Win + Mac + Linux)
Noel Dillabough's Puzzler (Win)
Dave Eaton's Symbolic Algebra Cube (Rexx)
Pieter Eendebak's Krubik for KDE 1.0 (Linux)
Gabbasoft's Puzzle Cube 0.03 (Win)
Herbert Kociemba's Cube Explorer (Win)
Larry Leinweber's Hungarian Hexahedron (Win)
David Levine's rubik.m4
M.L.'s Cube Software 6.6 (DOS)
M.L.'s unirubik.c (ANSI C source)
M.L.'s unirubik.c (modified for Unix v5)
M.L.'s unirubik.c (modified for Unix v6)
M.L.'s unirubik.c (modified for Unix v7)
Mike Reid's Optimal Solver (ANSI C source)
Mike Reid's Near-Optimal Cube Executable and Source (DOS)
Werner Randelshofer's CubeTwister (Java)
Carl Raymond's Cube (Unix)
Sed's Rubix X11 Program (Linux)
Ken Silverman and Ben Jos Walbeehm's Rubix (Win)
Ross Wolin's RubikSim (Win)

IFrac 3D packing game for Linux and Windows

Puzzle Files for GAP

3x3x3 Rubik's Cube
VIP Sphere

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