Cubeman's Cube Notes

Cubeman's Cube Notes

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The Square's Group Antipodes

 The Cube-Lovers Archives (1980-2000)

Cube Moves for 2x2x2 & 3x3x3 (last update Aug 24, 1996)
Cube Moves for the 3x3x3 Supergroup
Cube Moves for 4x4x4 & 5x5x5
Cube Moves for the <U, R> group
Cube Moves for the Anti-slice group
 Cyclic Decomposable Moves for the Cube

The Electronic Rubik's Cube

Unusual and Prototype Cubes

Cube Contest Pictures from 1982 and 2003

Megaminx Links

 Cube Chronology

 Cube Programs of the World
Progress in Solving Algorithms
A Detailed Example of Thistlethwaite's Algorithm
 Mathematical Papers, Magazine Articles, Books
 Measurements of Various Puzzles
Ranking the Puzzles by Combinations
Size of Subgroups & Puzzles in Long-form
Size of the Super Groups (Centre Orientations Visible)
 God's Algorithm Calculations for Rubik Groups
Great Insights into Rubik Groups
The TV Cartoon: Rubik, The Amazing Cube

 Results of the 1st American Rubik's Cube-A-Thon
 Results of the 2nd American Rubik's Cube-A-Thon
 Results of the Canadian Rubik's Cube Contest
 Results of the Dutch Rubik's Cube Contest
 Results of the Rubik's Cube World Championships
Ideal Toy Contest Material

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